A typical doll house, with gabled roof and two stories, a principal door and four windows has been the object that started a difficult story to tell.
One day a house is here and in the morning it can be gone. Even people get lost from time to time. A vacuum that can not be replaced is never the case. But what happens when we hold on to a story, a persona, or an object that no longer exists?
The doll house has become the element to express the relationship between the public and the private with no desire to confront a separation, this has become a transitional object. It could be said that this house has transcended the symbolic elements of its architecture and it has become an object that helped me to create a bridge between the real and the imaginary.
I have measured my body in comparison to this house. I have been hidden inside it. I have registered all the postures that my body acquires inside this space. I have let it fly through the air hooked to a crane with the desire to let it fall, without accomplishing it. I have replicas and destructions of it. I have let it navigate without direction, but it always comes back to me.
At times, the house comforts me and I think that it’s better not to go out of it. Then I think if I have a place to live in, I also run the risk of losing it. I feel anguish when I think about eviction and having to move elsewhere with my objects.
Most of the time I feel trapped in a useless passion. My work comes from not knowing. I am looking for a self, a unified body inside this house. But now, I feel pieces of my body thrown everywhere, and I create a complicity with my own fragmented image. My body becomes a mysterious material that speaks of an object.
“Uprooting” shows the absence, the destruction, the collapse of the house. Making visible the power of the object and the deterioration of the spaces we inhabit. Fifty six pieces of resin talk about hoarding memories of the past found inside a disorganized mind. Pieces that are direct copies of that house where what matters is the permanence of the past brought to a broken present.
The memory is not only a memory, but the presence of the past that we have lost without remedy.
The house disappears and when it does the memory fades, forever lost.

Image credit: Sol del Rio