Under Suspicion


Narration that accompanies the work
Her hair pulled marked the beginning of a nightmare that a woman lived inside her own home.
Five men in suit, tie and loafers entered her house carrying firearms to assault her home.
The theft occurred approximately at 13 hours on a Tuesday, in her home that is located around new complexes under construction.
She said that on that Tuesday afternoon when entering her home, she observed a black Mazda Van parked outside her house. She never imagined that was the beginning of the longest hours of her life.
She pushed the button to remotely open the garage and park her car like she always did. Without suspecting that the passengers of that Mazda Van were waiting for her inside the garage and that she would be the victim of an assault.
Just closed the gate and a guy, short guy, pulled her out of her own car by the hair. The men pointed a gun to her head and said: “behave bitch” and hit her with the grip of the gun. After attacking the woman, the men in suits entered the house threatening other two people who also were inside. Then, they tied the victim´s hands and feet, putting a rag in her mouth and throwing her to the floor. The 5 strong, not very tall men, acted with a lot of aggressiveness.
The assailants demanded that they be informed where they could find money and valuables objects. The woman of the house lost her voice, and the guys started to register each corner of her house.
The woman relates that she remained face down on the floor all the time and that she could only see the men´s feet as they walked about while another man pointed a gun to her all the time saying: “are you afraid? So die of fear bitch, it is going to go ugly if you do not collaborate”.
The assailants took their time to empty the house in broad daylight. They left the house when they were convinced that there was no more to take. The minutes were eternal to this woman and that was enough for her to start losing control of herself.
Months after, I saw this woman again and she acted in a very strange way she told me that after the assault she started to pursue each black Mazda Van that she saw in the street, until she reached the farthest places. At the same time, she was writing down all the license plate numbers that she thought were suspicious. Indicating the time and the address where they were located.
But this not was the end of the story, the woman revealed a detail that she had never told; she said. “The day of the assault in my house I was wearing a purple skirt, and do you know what happens when a woman wears a skirt? Can be lifted very easily”. This was the last time that she wore a skirt, because she sawed all her skirts to protect her vulnerability.

Image credit: Sergio Valencia