Puro Arte


Puro Arte was an artistic education center aimed at people with special educational needs; that work to promote dignity and personal potential in a supportive space for artistic exploration. Its creation stemmed from the need to create a link between art and special education with the certainty that creative success offers people with special educational needs the opportunity to achieve social success.

A program was created where artistic education was the main starting point, understanding education as a process that consists of recognizing the variety of personality types and directing each person towards their natural form of expression, accepting the diversity of styles as something enriching.

Three words that characterized Puro Arte were PLAY – CREATE – EXPLORE. Through the game, a space for exploration and creation was fostered that involved cognitive and sensory processes. Searching in the playful the ability to open and close circles of communication in order to encourage interaction.

Every year Puro Arte held different exhibitions where the people who were part of the program exhibited their work with the intention of creating environments to live together and talk. These exhibitions were accompanied by a space for sensory/motor play and experimentation with the intention of creating affective, personal and social bonds. These playful experiences were presented through visual instructions that allowed for creative and free interpretation. The objective was always the coexistence between different communities and thus promote a better quality of life for people with special educational needs.